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Emergency Lights
Emergency lights are essential in commercial / residential buildings. They automatically switch-on in condition of power shortage. These lights are known for constant lighting. They are engineered to be brighter, effective and durable.
Directional Light
Directional lights are important for emergency signals. These lights guide people in case of emergency. We manufacture the lights with great measures. The lighting travels in a particular direction. It highlights a specific work surface or object.
Egress Route Light
Egress lights are very energy-efficient light sources. They are perfect for emergency lighting needs. These lights incorporate one or more LEDs. They are great for building safety, and allied needs. There are several sizes and shapes available.
Recessed Downlight
Recessed down-lights are a good source of ambient lighting. They are ideal for homes and offices. These lights save energy and require negligible maintenance. We offer the lights in various shapes, sizes and styles.
Photoluminescent Signage
Photoluminescent signage is basically exit path markers. It is practical in commercial, government, and related buildings. The product is connected high on walls and doors etc. Easily seen from distance, the signage is helpful in any emergency.
Site Safety Signage
Our site safety signage is easy-to-install, and provide convenience of use. All the signs and words appear nicely. The signage is extensively used in hospitals, commercial buildings, roadside, etc. There are various shapes, sizes and designs available.
LED Light
We offer quality LED lights that are durable, stylish and energy-efficient. They offer better light quality with less power consumption. These lights are ideal for use in homes and industrial creations.
Beam Light
We offer highly versatile Beam Lights that can be seen even from a far distance. They are made of fireproof material, easily carriable and emit soothing light. We keep up with excellent quality, color, temperature and directional characteristics.   
Fire Safety Sign
The range of Fire Safety Signs offered by us come in compliance with the safety way guiding system. Our Fire Safety Signs are vibrant and easy visible and glowing, which ensure to safeguard people from danger by virtually navigating them to a safer place.
Directional Arrow Signs
The range of Directional Arrow Signs offered by us is widely appreciated in the disaster management industry due to its striking features such as clean textual printing, glowing surface, transparent, vibrancy and far reach. These signs are a way of navigating people in a safer place while in danger.
Edge Lit Lights
Edge lit lights are perfect for the modern needs. They help in smooth light distribution. They consume less energy and need less maintenance. The LEDs guarantee cost effectiveness too. We keep up with durable and practical designs.  
Portable LED Light
Non maintained lights are used for emergency conditions. They are well designed for safety, quality and convenience. These lights are widely used in workplaces. They get turn-on in case of power failure. 
Halogen Search Light
The range of Halogen Search Lights offered by find huge application for security and safety purposes. The search lights are embedded with high-quality halogen bulbs that are fully efficient to glow brightly and also have a greater reach. Our halogen search lights are designed as per modern-day trends, which make them comfortable and easy to use.
Auto Glow Tape
We are engaged in the process of offering our clients the best range of Autoglo Tape that is widely used during an emergency or in public places, hospitals, factories and hotels. The tapes are highly illuminated and the range of illumination is also clear and ensures greater reach. Moreover, we offer these tapes at competitive price range to our end-customers.
Pathway Marking Tag
Our range of Pathway Marking Tag Signages are widely used in public places, hospitals, factories and industrial area in case of emergency or used as a navigational route in the night. The signage offered by us is highly illuminated and also have far reach.
Stainless Steel Alphabet
We are valued in the marketplace due to our assortment of premium grade Row Alphabet that is widely used in hospitals, factories and public places. The row alphabet seat number is designed with high-end precision and is available in various dimensions as per clients requirements.

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