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Beam Light

With the aid of latest technologies, we have gained specialization in designing highly versatile Beam Lights. The quality, quantity, color temperature and direction features can surely make you a good photographer and will add life even to the dullest atmosphere. They are also used in car headlights providing better visibility and have low power requirements. They are made of fireproof material which enures that they will hold up in all extreme conditions with great ease. Our range has passed all the certified standards. The Beam Lights are brilliantly designed and emit harmless and soothing light. They are maintenance free, portable, and also have self contained batteries for optimum utilization for a longer period. Moreover, the premium grade lights are available at an economical price. 

Flame Proof Twin Beam Light

After years of extensive research we are able to manufacture an industrial range of flame proof twin beam light. These are made with fireproof material. Which ensures that they will hold up in all extreme conditions like building fires with great ease. These lights are approved on certified standards which guarantees their effectively working. All our consumers recommend these products because of their excellent built quality, brilliant design and the soothing light that they emit. These products are made with the help of advanced technologies and they pass all certified standards. Have a look at our beautiful array of precisely made flame proof twin beam lights and give us a chance to serve you with our amazing products.

Twin Beam Light

Automatically Switches-ON on mains power failure and provides illumination on battery source for specified duration, after which the battery gets automatically cut-off, to facilitate quick recharge on resumption of main supply. Once the battery is totally charged it automatically slides into trickle charge to constantly retain the charge and be ready for immediate use.

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